Outsourcing your Odoo devops

only 2 hours from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam


We are your nearshore team / Odoo outsourcing

TEOS is an IT consulting firm offering services of Odoo integration / developments:

highly experienced on Odoo (www.odoo.com) & open source technologies

– graduated in IT engineering from international universities. 

Founded in Paris in 2004, TEOS is now located @ Tanger Technopark, only two hours from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam.

Some references per business sector:

– IT outsourcing: Odoo developments in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland

– Energy: EDF Group since 2004 with RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité) and CIT (Centre d'Ingénierie du Thermique) in Paris

– Health & media: Vidal, medical software publisher, French subsidiary of CMP Medica

– Telecom, transportation industry, textile industry, etc.

Our Odoo team is growing in size and Odoo expertise:
Senior consultants with 20+ years experience / ERP & Information systems

Odoo team leaders / functional and technical project managers

Functional ERP & Odoo consultants
Odoo developers including senior devops (2+ years / Odoo development)
Qualified IT engineers graduated from computer science universities

Scope of our Odoo experience:
CRM, emailing, sales, invoicing and billing,

Purchase, procurement, supplier payment, stocks,

POS, accounting, payroll, Human Resources management,

– MRP, CMMS (maintenance), CPMS (production), project management,

CMS, Website (responsive), E-commerce, blog & forum,


Some of our references / Odoo experience

ERP / e-business projects with specific developments for Magento & Odoo 10 / OpenERP.
LogicaSoft / Belgium
Odoo / LIMS: applications development and migration on Odoo 10 / laboratory management.
IT industry and business solutions
Recent developments on the Odoo / backend and frontend in Belgium, France, Germany.
TMSA Maroc / CIRES Telecom

Functional scope:
– Setting up ERP with the Moroccan accounting
– CRM, Sales management,
– Human resources management

Project in four stages:
– Launch: project planning.
– Specifications: business process modeling, and iterative prototyping.
– Deployment: installation, setup, data loading.
– Training of the ERP users and operators.

Specifications describe in detail:
– the modeling of business processes impacting the deployment,
– the functional typology, the role and rights of each user,
– the software and hardware architecture.
The training covers the functionality of each module setup based on a training scenario and a sample data of the company.

Industrial laboratory in Tangier
Functional scope: MRP and stock management.
Development of a specific module to manage production stages with barcodes:
– Entry and registration of schedules
– Batch (or boxes) record
– Logistics management of incoming and outgoing inventory (boxes)

Mazel-Jalix foundry / FMJ Technology

Functional scope:
– Industrial company sculpting bronze sculptures and artworks
– Logistics, stocks and production management